Hi Everyone! I love this flower!!!! I can't wait to start mass producing. And it super dooper easy. Here's how to make:

Punch  out 5 circle scallops using cardstock of choice. I used Rich Razzleberry.

Wet punched scallops using a water spritzer. ( I actually just took to sink and run under water in a swiping fashion.) You want these dampened, not soaked. Use a paper towel to protect your work surface and to absorb any excess water. Most cardstock will have some slight bleeding too.
Crumple up into a ball. Do this one at a time. We really want them to have lots of texture.
Unfold and layer.


Using a Crop-a-Dile, punch small hole in center. Use a brad to secure.



Bring layers forward, toward brad and fluff up until you get the look you want. 
Let dry completely. They will stiffen up.



Other look – I think looks like a carnation and if you keep it tighter, a rose:

  • Punch 8 flowers using the X-Large Flower Punch – Available through the end of April in the Occasions Mini.
  • Follow steps above. I used normal sized brad and 'hid' the brad while bring the layers forward. 

I love the look on a gift! If you use on a card, you may wish to hand deliver or use a bubble envelop. They won't fit nicely into a traditional envelope. Click here to watch video!

Happy Crafting! ~ Dee