Hi Everyone! Gotta give a total shout out to nephew Jake. He thought my little blue punch fish was cute and said "Too bad we can't make a big fish." I said we can! with the Cricut (die-cutting machine,) So we popped the George cartridridge in and played around. My version above, Jake's below.

Life must be good when my hobby and the hubby's collide! He fishes, I paper craft. Jake with his cool fish. Note craft fish, fish tank, fishing catalog and fish coasters!

To make Big Fish: (See Video)
George Cricut cartridge or cut out freely by hand or other tools
4 1/2" circle
2 each 3 1/2" moons for fins
3 hearts (shift key for longer, skinnier hearts) at 31/2", 4", 4 1/2" layered for tails
1 reg. heart at 1 1/2" – lips
For eyes, we layered the following circle punches:
109046 – 1"
107217 – 3/4"
104390 – 1/2"

Jake used a variety of cardstock, I used Sweat Pea designer paper pack. 117161. I love the colors in that pack and I think lots of fishes will be made out of it in the near future. A lot of the designs in that pack have a dark tone one side and lighter the opposite. I can make about 1 & 1/2 Big Fishes out of one sheet.

Jake also put a 4 1/2" shadow feature circle on the back of his. I can just see making a fish mobile by making them dual sided! Fins, lips, and tail sandwiched between two face sides!

I have to admit to being a little craft-geeked by having my middle-school nephew inspiring and creating this with me last night. And all from a rough and tough hockey defender!!!!!! I hope all you Cricut owners try this and I'd love to see your Big Fish creations.

Happy Crafting! ~ Dee