Hi Everyone!Today's posting shows how I manage all my wonderful scraps! I use gallon sized zipped storage bags (from the dollar store) and sort by colors both by solid cardstock and designer/pattern paper. I also use the smaller quart and snack sizes to keep my left over punched or creations. For me, it's a way to keep them organized and protected. I've purchased a 5-drawer plastic unit whose drawer sizes are 12×12. I found at Walmart. I keep one drawer by my paper trimmer and scraps go in there. When it gets full, I sort the paper and tuck into storage bags. Then when I either need a layering or coordinating piece, all my scraps are organized in such a way as I can easily see what I have. If I have a scrap that's 12" long, I do not try to zip the bag. It just sticks out at the top. That's okay as it will store flat in my drawer.

I also sort by theme or holiday. So all my Christmas paper is in one, Halloween in another, etc…If you try it, let me know what you think! Video coming soon!
Happy Crafting! ~ Dee
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