Hi Everyone!I love celebrating Mother's Day. It's one of my favorite times of the year. Not only are spring plants and flowers blooming, but it's a weekend for me to stop and appreciate and celebrate the women in my life. And I reflect on all my fond memories of my grandmothers and aunts whom I carry in my heart everyday. I'm putting together a little something for our Mother's Day celebration on Saturday with my moms and sisters. I'm going with a green, red and white color theme.

Today's project is a 3" x 3" square Ladybug Button tag that I made for my sisters' mother's day geranium. To make you need scraps of green, black and two red buttons.
P1030636 Cut 1/4" strips of 3 different colors of green cardstock. Trim at angle to get your grass 'blade' and cut different sizes.
Cut 2 little strips of black cardstock. More of a sliver apprx. 1/2" in length. Fold in half to make 'v' for the ladybugs antennae.
Stamp a sentiment upper left side of card.
Adhere grass blades on bottom of card.
Place two dots of Tombo glue on card where you want your ladybugs to go.
Place antenna on edge of glue and place button on top. Repeat for the other ladybug. To watch the video, see below. Happy Crafting! ~ Dee