Hi Everyone! Candy Cane Christmas Decor Elements 120912 Real Red (p. 36 in Holiday Mini) for $14.95 and dollar store dishes make for perfect gift giving. I used all the images in the set. The mugs have images all around. Can't you just see a plate of your home made goodies or a little treat tucked into the mugs? The vinyl elements need to be hand washed. The plates could be used for serving cookies or crackers but I would stay away from sticky food unless you seal them (wink outside my crafty expertise but I've seen others do this.)  I have a total of ~$30 in these 9 items. That's $3.34 each!

Don't be afraid to slice and dice the images! I trimmed the mitten string in half. Each half wrapped around one mug. Same thing with the ornaments.

My friend Janelle had the great idea of this being a family craft! Kids of all ages can help. Younger ones can be in charge of peeling off the paper to reveal the image and older children esp. teens can easily do this with little to no help. The trick to using the vinyl is to peel and work slowly. I did these myself in about an hour. I had prewashed the dishes ahead. Perfect for teacher gifts, coworkers and gift exchanges. Talk about stretching your budget!  To order your Decor Elements Click here. Happy Crafting! ~Dee