Hi Everyone! I know the holidays are over and it's not technically a paper craft, but I just had to share this! Last December I went to Joanie's to celebration Christmas with her. At church, they announced the ladies' group was making this cutie the next week! I  thought well fooey, missed it by a week. Well guess what?! Joan made an extra for me and gave it to me last weekend!!! I am so excited! His hat is a papercone so that counts, right?! LOL   I bet this idea could easily be modified for other holidays and occations.

P1050416 (The way I understood) how to make. Take a re-purposed sauce bottle and fill with craft snowflakes, drop a little do-dad embellishment inside. Cover either a styrofoam ball or cheapy christmas ornament in glue and roll in glittler or more of the snow.P1050417 Make a cone hat and glue onto head. Glue unto bottle and wrap ribbon or fun-fur yarn around neck.  They used beads for the eyes and mouth and polymar (sp?) clay for the nose. 

 Thanks Jenny for sharing your craft with others and thanks Joanie for making me one. LOVE IT!

Happy Crafting!~ Dee