P1050712Hi Everyone! What a wonderful Easter we had!! Above is some of the things I took to my sister's. To the left is the Top Note Bunny bags I made for my niece and nephews. Pink for the girls and brown for the boys. Fun Flower Die flowers, homemade caramel corn and a foral arrangement I made from flowers from my garden.  I set a smaller vase onto a little egg sceen I made. Jeff went to Michigan to do some guy things with nephew Jacob who will be moving this summer. They enjoyed riding 4-wheelers and target shooting. Here are some family picture shares.

As silly as this might be, we brought hats this year to our ladies' picture. It is in the spirit of the Royal Wedding (hense the tea cups- english tea) since hats are required. left to right: me, Micaela, Karla, Mary, Aunt Sharon, Marlona and mom is seated.




P1050722 We are a big card playing family. Euker is always played and Marlona taught us a new game called "Up Yours". Totally a game of luck and so much fun.  A game all ages can play . New faces of my dad and Stefano's head.

I hope you had a nice Easter and Happy Crafting!~ Dee