Hi Everyone! Thanks for coming to card class last night girls! Thanks to Sue, Janelle, Linda, Kim and Pat.  Janelle made the best chocolate cake ever! J – I need that recipe :)!

A share of a different sort and a little bit of a story.  Sue brings her dog Goldie with her to card class. Goldie is our grand-dog (whom we love) and Jeff keeps her company.  We have these 'wild' cats that adopted us last year. A black male we call Cuddles is super friendly with everyone and is always trying to get in the house, cars, garages….he just loves being where the action is at. Sue sent me a message this morning and said "When Goldie and I left last night I put her in the car and she started growling.  I looked on the dashboard and a cat was sitting there.  HA  I had left the window down a little and that is all it took." LOL

So my local friends…as the weather gets warmer PLEASE make sure to roll up your windows – otherwise Cuddles may be going home with you. (my home is a circus. Anyone elses?)  Happy Crafting!~ Dee