Hi Everyone! Today's post is a few shares. 1)I've been a baking queen today getting ready for Easter. I've made a triple layer carrot cake, a dense chocolate cake with a fudge-like frosting and I just finished up my 2nd batch of home-made caramel corn.  My husband always says my side of the family has one meat, one hot side and the rest is sweets! My sister Marlona is hosting tomorrow at 1pm. Share 2, my niece Micaela is the youngest on my side of the family…and she turned 18 today! Oh my…my baby is 18. Where does the time go?  Share 3) This am I went to the nail salon and tried the new Shalac (sp?) manicure. (I got a french manicure style) It's suppose to last 2-3 weeks. She said some go 4 weeks. I put it through the paces today with keeping up with dishes while baking. Other french mannies  would not have stood up to all that pots and pan dishwashing. I bet some of you can relate! Not a chipped paint tip in site! Take care  & Happy Crafting! ~Dee