Here it is! Download Birdhouse-instructions



7:33 pm update…I am still having issues with it converting correctly. I will need to take a little lunch time at work tomorrow and try again. Hang in there with me everyone!

Hi Everyone! Thank you all for liking and wanting the birdhouse card template! I have an issue with pdf version. For some reason, it make it smaller. The Word document is correct. Here's the measurements.The total width is 5 3/4, heigth 3 3/8 ( 3 1/4 would work too) and the bottom and top sides are 3 ".

I'm out of town but returning home later tonight which I will be fixing the pdf version my top priority.

Look for an update here later tonight or at the original template post.

Sorry for any issues you may have experienced.

Happy Crafting! ~Dee