P1060042Hi Everyone! I admit…Jeff and I are crazy for critters! Or we are crazy because of the critters! We have about 4 'wild' cats that we feed and worry about. Only one has any hint of wildness left.  The female had this litte tyke about 2 weeks ago. She keeps him behind our fence & under a rainforest like unbrella of naturalizing lillies. S/he looks like it's mama! But I'm afraid something is wrong with it's left eye. It looks like it never opened as the skin is shut tight. Poor little thing! At least it has a fat belly and appears healthy otherwise. So here's the crazy for critters/we're crazy feeding regiment each day:
2 indoor dogs
guppy fish
birds (3 feeders)
4 cats
racoons feast on bird and cat leftovers.. goodness..that does sound crazy! LOL
Hope you enjoyed the share and Happy Crafting!~ Dee