Hi Everyone! Yesterday was my 2nd annual Appreciation Party for my area Creative Cafe' members (downline), hostess and club members.  Starting from the lower left and going clockwise are Lisa, Janelle, Jane, Davette and Linda.

DSCN1055 The party had a princess theme as I wanted to 'treat them like royalty' as my thank you. Princess crowns, boas and a bags with their make and take supplies were ready for them.

I'll share the projects in a couple of weeks as I will be meeting with my Ohio hostesses later this month and want them to be surprised at what we make.

Vicki, Sandy and Kim….so sorry you couldn't make it and I really appreciate your stampin' friendship too!


DSCN1056 (Note …do not hang balloons where you plan to be standing to demonstrate projects..I hit those crazy things a bazillion times LOL)

Thank you to those that attended (in the order of meeting you):

Janelle – for helping  me edit my items before a craft fair, hosting a workshop,all the Tastefully Simple goodies, all the help my first year of SU and recommending me to Julie's party last fall. Not to mention a bag of buckeyes! Thanks kiddo!

Lisa – for all your inspirations and stampin' tips and techniques, joining my team, loving snowmen with feet, even though you don't like snowmen with feet ;), letting me call your sister Lisa 2, and I couldn't be happier for you and your new career.

Linda – for telling all your friends and family about card class  :),  being a club member AND a hostess, and sharing your enthusiasm.  I truly appreciate all the recommendations. Now if we can only get B1 called sooner! Your pumpkins and goose-necked gourds are rockin' my and my mom-in-law's yard!

Davette – for your incredible talent,  joining my team, having a large stampin' stash and space (color me jealous! seriously…an entire basement!), and having one of the biggest hearts with all you do for family. Can't wait to see where your stampin' journey takes you!! oh and see if you can't get me that grape and cream cheese dessert recipe!

Jane – for attending my library class, being a hostess, the gift of a domino pin with "Born to Stamp" on it  (how perfect for me!), your obvious love of family, our St. John's connection and getting to know you!

Thank you to those who couldn't make it:

Sandy – for being a long-time friend, being a hostess for 2 years in a row!, sharing  your love of all things crafty especially your beautiful paper flowers, and having one of best giggles ever.

Vicki – for your emails and reminders of area stampin' activities (I might make the fairgrounds later this pm…let's hope!), joining my team, your stampin' talent which inspire- love all your details. leaving comments on my site and your warm and welcoming personalty! Wish our schedules would allow more stampin' face-time together 😉

Kimberly – for attending my card classes, being a club member, and here's to wishing the newlyweds much love and happiness!

Enjoy your Sunday and Happy Crafting! ~Dee