If you are new to paper crafting or thinking about getting started, here’ s my thoughts and suggestions!

First – take a class or two (wink – if you are local, ideally from me LOL!). Most classes are around $15-25, so a great way to see if you like the hobby. Or maybe you watch  tutorials on YouTube..either is great.

Second – this hobby needs ‘stuff’! what hobby doesn’t? And with any new hobby or venture, you need basic materials and tools.

Stamp Kit of Tools. Cannot paper craft without ’em!

A Starter Tool Kit will include the basic tools and supplies needed to start your paper crafting hobby!  My suggestion of a  Starter Tool Kit includes:

  • Stampin’ Paper Trimmer 126889 $29.95 – You will not regret one moment in ordering this quality, portable paper cutter that will allow you to cut paper size up to 12′ x 12″ So many thoughtful features on this trimmer!
  • Paper  snips 103579 $9.95 – nothing is as important as a good pair of scissors solely  used for paper. Sharp scissor blades is very important.
  • Snail Adhesive  104332 $6.95. Adhesive in a convenient tape runner design. Refillable.
  • Bone Folder 102300 $6.95. Use to score and make crisp edges.

Total $53.80 plus  shipping + your state tax rate

Next one needs stamps, paper, and accessories – I always recommend considering the Getting Started Collection.

Here’s a kooky video I made on Getting Started!

 The Gettting Started collections of mini ink pads, variety of card stock colors, designer paper and a spool of ribbon or two will make you a successful (and happy!) card maker.

Depending on what you choose (I’d be happy to help you if needed) it could range between $50-$100 for a good assortment of getting started materials.

Stampin’ UP! might not have the cheapest, but my  experience with Stampin’ UP! has actually saved me money!  Why you might ask? Because the colors are a perfect match, meaning I don’t have a hodge-podge of unused ink/paper/ ribbon etc.. because nothing coordinates with it. I collected stuff (easy to do with this hobby lol) but never used it because it was poor quality or the ribbon didn’t match with paper didn’t work with the designer paper…Not the case with SU…products are DESIGNED to work together…I don’t have to run all over town to try to find things!  

& lastly

Add to your collection
 – I think the best way to build your stuff is to purchase a “stampin’ outfit” at a time.

A scenerio I’ve seen time and again (and a little of been there, done that!) is when folks buy an assortment of product, but it really doesn’t make anything coordinated. “Oh I like that paper, and that stamp and that ribbon” but when you get home, nothing matches – color or themes.

So here’s where the outfit comes in…if your budget allows – get a complete card outfit consisting of:

Stamp set

One needs all or most of the above to make a card. So plan your card’s outfit! order your SU goodies to complete the look, and get ready to receive “you made this? You are sooo creative!” reactions from friends and family 🙂

Before you know it, you’ll have a nice assortment of SU stamp, tools and materials!

(Tip! – if your Getting Started order is $99 or over, consider the Starter Kit  $125 worth of product for only $99. No further obligation and you enjoy all the SU  benefits for a few months See more info here or on SU’s site here.)

I love paper crafting and enjoy creating and giving my cards and projects to friends and family…a little of me in every gift!

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