Hi Everyone!

UPDATE! Here are the two Spooky Bingo Bits call spaces for today. If you qualified for a card, I emailed you this morning!

Spotted Monster
Spotted monster



Check off the Free (*) space in the middle and as your Bingo Card words get called. Bingo is traditional, no 4-corners or cluster. Straight bingo – 5 in a row diagonal, across or down. Email me at deeslater@ymail.com when you Blog Bingo!

Spooky Blog Bingo will start today and last until well get 5 bingos. If you placed an order during the bingo time period, look for a email later this morning that will have your card.

I'll be back to post here this afternoon with the Spooky Bingo call spot of the day as well as the Blog Hop Winners!

Happy Crafting!~ Dee