Hi Everyone! Whew!!! I had an action packed couple of weeks. Weddings, out of town events and such. Things are back to normal (ha ha whatever that is!)

Joan and I always talked about doing a craft booth together, so we finally did last weekend in Tiffin OH. When we were planning this summer, we were all about flowers and making it our booth theme. As you will see, we did a lot of flowers and threw in some holiday gifts too. We had mild success but I think we would have been better served by sticking to the holidays 🙂 So lesson learned 🙂 and wanted to share that with you!

A few of you asked to see what was in the craft fair booth. The felt flowers are "Team Spirit Flower Pins" – made in area and national team colors. Click on the thumbnails to browse through the booth!

(We have some left-overs so if you see anything you may like for stocking stuffers, female sports fans, or such, please contact me, deeslater@ymail.com.)


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