2013 spring catalogHi Everyone! The 2013 Spring Catalog starts today! You can view it online here.

Lots to tell you today!
1. My First Phone -a- thon starts today! See details below 🙂
2. A coffee talk video tour of the catalog.
3. A quick video tutorial on how to flatten the new Soda Pop Tops

Here's a catalog tour with focus on the embellishments in the catalog and one on how to Flatten Soda Pop Tops!

Grab a cup of coffee and join me on a little catalog tour 🙂

And here's how to flatten our new embellishment Soda Pop Tops using the Big Shot!

Phone a thon
Now through Sunday at 7pm EST, when you call or email me your order of $50 or more, you will receive a FREE item from me from the Spring Catalog. Every 10th caller will receive an Artisan Embellishment Kit! Here's how it will work.

*Call 260.242.1011 or email, deeslater@ymail.com, your order. YOU MUST GO THROUGH ME to place your order so I can add your free item!
-note- please leave a message and I will get back to you ASAP.
*I'll add a FREE item to you order in a rotating fashion. The order is:

Caller 1: Soda Pop Tops
Caller 2: Cute Clips
Caller 3: Paper Doiles
Caller 4: Creped Filter Paper
Caller 5: Large Rhinestone Basic Jewels
Caller 6: Soda Pop Tops
Caller 7: Cute Clips
Caller 8: Paper Doilies
Caller 9: Creped Filter Paper
Caller 10: Artisan Embellishment Kit!
(rotation starts over!)

I have it lasting a few days so you can have time to look through the catalogs and make out your wish list!

Thanks everyone and

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