DSCN3057Hi Everyone! I don't know about you, but I'm gaga about the new Flower Trim ribbon 126869. And  you can color coordinate with your Stampin' UP! card stock and designer paper but adding color to the ribbon! You can add a customize color three ways: With ink pads, Stampin' Write Markers and Stampin' Reinkers!

Classic Stampin' Ink Pads – use a Sponge or Sponge Daubers to apply ink color directly to the top of the Flower Trim.

Stampin' Write Markers – brush the side of the marker over the top of the flower to accent the top of the petal.

Stampin' Reinkers – add a few drops of reinker to a small amount of water and soak.

Combine all three! – for the most depth of color…try a combination of 2 or all of the color applications!

Here's a step by step on using the reinkers.

Add a little water to a plastic cup. I found that just enough to cover the ribbon is perfect. Add about 4-5 drops of reinker. If you do not get the color you are looking for, you can always add a few more drops.

Stir the ink. At this point…it looks like you are ready to dye Easter eggs! Same idea 😉 only we are dying the ribbon.


Cut off one or a section of the Flower Trim and put into dyed water. I use a wooden skew/plastic spoon to push ribbon under. Reminder to wipe off skew/spoon with paper towel inbetween colors.



DSCN3053Just like dying Easter eggs, the color saturation will be lighter than the original dye. If you want to add more color to the dyed flower trim, you could sponge with color and/or marker. From left to right, is the dyed only, dye with sponged  ink, then dye with ink and sponged ink with marker. Daffodil delight is with sponge and sponge and marker.
DSCN3057I really wanted the Daffodil delight to be more yellow out of the gate, so I let a sample of yellow and Wisteria Wonder soak overnight! Here are the comparisons. I flipped on the back side so you can see the color saturations. The top yellow right is the base color. For me…I really like the overnight coloring.

I love finding new ways to use something. Another way to use reinkers! & Now I have custom color flower trim ready to go! Look for the dyed flowers in use in an upcoming post!

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