2) Invest in the Basic Supplies
As with all hobbies, papercrafting needs stuff. Stuff like stamps, paper, ink, adhesives, tools, and embellishments.

Stampin' UP! is known for it's color coordination and high quality products. You will not regret purchasing quality over quantity and worry free coordination.

Please email me and I'll help you pick out items if you wish! Email at deeslater@ymail.com  and we'll schedule a time to chat!

Hobbies – any hobby – need start-up items Whether you are buying a sewing machine, fabric and thread or a golf club membership, clubs, tees, and golf shoes, etc…. there is alway a start-up cost. Paper crafting is no different! {smile}

After you've made a few projects with your starter supplies then you are ready to

3) "Buy" a Project!
What I mean by that is…say you like a card I've posted. Purchase EVERYTHING you need to replicate the card. There is nothing like the feeling of being able to duplicate a project for complete, stampin' satification! Avoid being frustrated by getting just a few things and a) never making the project because you didn't have all you needed or b) worse (my opinion) starting the project, then putting it aside because you couldn't finish it! (You are still building your supplies in this stage.)

Repeat #3 over and over. In no time at all – you'll have a nice variety of stampin' supplies! (If you really want to speed up this step – my Online Stamp Club may interest you!)

Customers that have followed these steps are some of my most happiest stampers! Of course you can jump right to #3 if you wish too! LOL.

So to recap the "How do I get started?"
1) Try a Kit to see if you even like the hobby! – Paper Pumper my recommendation.
2) Invest the Basics. – email me if you need assistance on what items best fit your personal needs or style. deeslater@ymail.com
3) Buy everythng you need to make a project.  – a completed project mean a happy you!

 Let me know if I can help you get started and

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