Go redHi Everyone! Today is National Wear Red Day ® and the fight against heart disease in women! and perfect for this post FYI – My mom has and grandma had arrythmia so Wear Red is very applicable to my family. And I want to delay or avoid any issues for this or other lifestyle related issues.

I rarely do a non-project/SU promotion post,  and you may have noticed I've been MIA for a week.

{warning…a little personal LOL} I've packed on the pounds! I have gained 20 lbs in less than 2 years..yikes! I'm less active, on the other side of "personal summers" , and a crazy habit of eating junk food right before bed – new this past 18 month! And I'm READY to do something about it. The last few evenings have been spent cleaning out the frig, planning meals and stocking the shelf with healthier items. Basically getting other aspects in my life back in balance or at least, working towards it 🙂

So maybe you are like me. Needing a little motivation, great tasting recipes and ready for a more healthy you!

I found this Facebook Group: Healthy is the New Skinny. (I'm in no way connected to the product she sells). I use the group for inspiration, yummy receipes and a safe place to share one's journey.

Here's a couple of meals I made inspired by recipes found on the group:

Flatbread Pizza – I used wheat flatbread wraps – Calories each 200 (90 bread, veggies -hardly anything, cheese and olive oil ~ 100?) This was my dinner last night (one) – hubby even liked!

Photo 1Detox water

Photo 2breakfast today – each about 100 calories – I had 2. not bad for a 200 calorie breakfast…more filling than the same calorie breakfast bar plus I'm full, full, full!

Photo 3If you want the recipes and to follow my "back to healthy" journey..click over to the page on the right called The Healthy Me!

Take care! and

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