DSCN4117Hi Everyone! I do have the file folder cards to share, but I just HAD to show what I did with the Undefined Stamp Carving Kit 133402 last night! I thought she turned out good for only my 2nd time with the carving tools. First time was at Leadership where I made the Woo Hoo stamp. I can so see why people are ordering the refills to keep making their own images. Lots of fun!

DSCN4114Steps to make your own Undefined

*Pick and print an image
*Trace outline and color in with lead pencil -regular office pencil
*Rub onto rubber
*Carve around
*Mount to wood block

DSCN4115As you can see with my girl image, my didn't turn out exactly like the image, but I'm still learning and getting the hang of using the tools. Just like anything else, practice makes perfect! But she still turned out cute and I'm thrilled with her finished look. She's my Undefined One of a Kind!


Here's Stampin' UP! video on how it works.



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