Shabby Chic Mason JarsHi Everyone! OMGoodness…I'm all about trying different painting mediums on Mason or glass jars. Here is my sample using acrylic craft paint – the little ones at the hobby store or WalMart that's .89.

To Make:
  • Clean jars in warm soapy water..even if brand new.
  • THIS IS THE BIG TIP..use rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball and wipe over surface. This takes any existing oils from your fingers etc and makes it ready for painting.
  • Take craft acrylic paint and paint. I used the .89 craft paint found at WalMart. Grab your favorite fall colors.
  • THIS IS A BIG TIP – wait 24 hours and paint again.
  • Take sand paper or an emery board and scratch off the paint on the wording and around for shabby chicness.
  • Add 1-1/4" Burlap Ribbon 132140 around the top. Shown 2 ways -either tie knot or simply wrap. Hot Glue into place.
  • Take old sprigs and reinvent them into your new Shabby Chic mason jars!

 Each one is slightly different as I played with different levels of sanding. Click on the thumbnails to see them up close!

  • DSCN5536
  • DSCN5537
  • DSCN5538

 Of course, you could add a tag, if giving as a gift…which these ended up being! LOL. I spent the night with my mom and she fell in love with them. So of course, I gave them to her! We moved them around her house and she has them lined up on a pretty glass tray on her kitchen table. The cooler weather in Indiana is making us get into the fall spirit!

DSCN5541Here I am at Mom's house. And here's my mamma!

DSCN5539More jars to come! So save up a few more!