Tip Tuesday

Hi Everyone!

Tip Tuesday is about storing your Paper Pumpkin stamps.

There are many different ways to store your Paper Pumpkin stamps. I’ve tried a few different ones over the years and what I like best is to keep the photo instructional sheet and the stamp set together. First – let me share what I keep:

  1. The stamp! Labeled with the month and year.
  2. The photo instructional sheet.
  3. The cardboard backing the kit is shrink wrapped in.

Then take 2 cello bags

Here’s why

  • Keep the stamp and the sheet together so you remember what the kit looked like.
    • In the past, I just kept the stamps and thought “ohm” wonder what this made!?
    • This way, I have a creative starting point.
  • Label the stamp set with month and year. This info is on the sheet but this acts as a quick reference to get it back into the correct month.
    • If you have several stamps sets out at once, then go to store away – this quickly gets the stamp back into the right sleeve.
  • The cardboard will act as backing so it stores either upright or flat.