Hi Everyone! OMGoodness These Sock Gnomes are so fun to make. I discovered them when a friend posted on Facebook one she made at a class. I went YouTube searching and found they were a thing but decorated for winter. So I changed up to make for spring.


  • White rice (grocery store – get 10 lb bag if you plan to make several!)
  • Cheap Dollar Tree white sock
  • Sock for outside (Walmart)
  • Clear hair rubber bands (Walmart)
  • White embroidery thread  (Walmart)
  • Fun Fur
  • Paper cone for hat
  • Felt for hat 8×12 is what I found
  • Glue gun
  • Spring sprigs and such for hat decorations

You can find them at most major craft stores. The cones can be hard to find so below are Amazon links to some of the items above.

Here’s a start to finish video for you!

Here are the ones I made with my friend Joan.